Año: 2004

Autores: Víctor Orive, Isabel Benito, Santiago Becerra

Architectural production is closely linked with the spatial and temporal framework where it is developed. In this case, our goal as architects has been to improve and discover hidden qualities found in this part of Coney Island. Our project explores the possibilities of constructing a public space made up of lines and fugacity, a truly laminate and transitory space, starting from those few but precise traces of urbanity.

The proposal appears as a proliferation of the boardwalk whose structure parasites in order to create a “walkscape”. Boardwalk’s unfolding  as if it were a continuous orange peel configures not only a Pavillion that provides new programatic possibilities to Coney Island’s seashore but also an extension of the pre-existing “walkscape” strongly linked to the views. Its looping configuration connected through ramps does not discriminate handicapped nor elder and it does surely delight children of all age. This “boardloop” offers many possibilities to idle around. While some  “boardwalkers” would “loop” around  the exhibition, having later a coffee, others might attend to events such as Coney Island’s Film Festival in it’s outdoor version or a live concert on the roof. The same space fits “star watchers” at night and observers of the tide movements during the day.   In a site full of screaming boards trying to catch the wanderers’ eye, this proposal kindly invites to: take a walk on the boardloop!… I’m a Coney Island baby.

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